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Woodlawn and Pope-Leighey House Wedding in Alexandria, VA

This was quite a special wedding to me. Not only did I photograph the groom’s brother’s wedding last year, not only were my parents, brother, and his fiancé there, but I’m incredibly close with the grooms family! I absolutely adore this amazing couple and their wedding was so much fun to capture!

It was a GORGEOUS September day and it was such a happy and fun wedding! The couple and their wedding party got ready at the Westin Alexandria, which was really quite nice. The gents were able to spend some time at the bar watching college football while the ladies drank mimosas and got their hair and make up done!

We went to the venue, which is a beautiful historic home with gorgeous garden-style grounds! The place couldn’t have been prettier! To get everything started, Colin and Katie did a first look, which was so sweet. Colin was SO excited and Katie looked absolutely stunning! After a few moments, we hopped into wedding party photos – I love how the colors of the gents suits and the bridesmaids dresses looked together! So vivid and rich looking! Plus their wedding party was hilarious.

Then, we took some portraits of just the two of them. They made my job super simple – they’re both naturals on camera! Then they exchanged gifts and were off to get wed!

The ceremony was beautiful. Their officiant, the groom’s uncle, also officiated the groom’s brother’s wedding. He did a great job at incorporating who Colin and Katie are – and even brought photos of them as lil munchkins!

Once the ceremony ended, we took family portraits, and they were off to cocktail hour! The reception started incredibly fun, Katie and Colin had a great first dance! Katie’s dad gave an awesome speech – he even dug out some of Katie’s old notes to him, which were simultaneous hilarious and adorable. Katie’s best friend Michelle, and the groom’s brother, Michael, also gave great speeches. Everyone was entertained!

THEN they danced. And everyone had a great time! It was a wonderful wedding!! Hope you enjoy the peek at their day!


Venue – Woodlawn & Pope-Leighey House
Florist – Growing Wild Floral Company
Catering – Rouge Fine Catering
Videographer – By Design Films
Band – Hipshack
Baker – Sugar Bakers Cakes
Hair & Make Up – Updo’s for I Do’s
Transportation – All Pro Charter
Gown – Stella York // Amy’s Bridal Boutique
Groom Attire – Men’s Wearhouse
Invitation Suite – Minted
Ring Designer – Ascot Diamonds
Bridesmaids Dresses – Brideside
Brides Shoes – Betsey Johnson
Photo Booth – DC ShutterBooth

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