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Why I Offer Complimentary Engagement Sessions

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Engagement photo shoots are some of my favorite sessions. They tend to be low-key, in a fun location, and I get to work with awesome people. Part of my wedding package is to offer complimentary engagement sessions to all of the couples who book me for their wedding day!

This session is an hour long opportunity with SO much to offer both the couple and me, the photographer. There are SO many reasons why I offer complimentary engagement sessions, and I’d like to share three of them.

These sessions give me the chance to get to know my couples!

This complimentary engagement session gives me solid face-to-face time with my couples. I learn about their love stories, I hear about their bridal parties, I talk about their hobbies and jobs and pets and friends. It’s quality time that I wouldn’t otherwise have with them. While there are client consultations – those feel stiff to me – they’re basically interviews and interviews can be so nerve-wracking (like more nerve-wracking than actually shooting, editing, and delivering a wedding). These sessions make it easy for my couples and I to gain a good rapport and be in a low-stress but still a bit similar to the situation we’ll be in the day of their wedding!

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It’s awesome to photograph my couples before the big day!

Brides-to-be and grooms-to-be get to experience what it’s like to be the subject of my camera before the wedding day. Sometimes couples are very nervous or very shy in front of the camera. This complimentary engagement session allows them a warm up round of sorts so they’ll be prepped on what’ll happen their wedding day! They get to hear me say the cheesy things I do to get them to pose naturally and not awkwardly. They learn the foot pop, the temple nuzzle, the hand placement, and all the little tweaks I have them do. They’ll witness my best attempts at making people laugh, how I am generally a chatterbox at sessions in order to make them feel comfortable and relaxed. They’ll get a sense for what it’s like working with me- see me get excited over a frame I captures, and have me tell them they’re so cute together!

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Complimentary engagement sessions develop a sense of trust between couples and me!

Trust trust trust. This is one of the MAIN things I ask my clients to have in me. I need their trust in that I know what I’m doing! That trust allows them to be more present in their wedding day and allows me to photograph them in a more relaxed and at-ease mood. The engagement sessions allow us to build up a sense of trust. Plus, they get a selection of images at the end of the engagement session, which (I hope) give them all the more reason to be happy they’re working with me on their wedding day!

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