Top 5 Reception Moments

Sometimes I think I focus too many of my blogs on the ~pretty~ part of wedding days. By this I mean the details, the flowers, the dress, the posed portraits, etc. Today, I want to show some love to the receptions. Reception photos can be tough to capture (photography is all about LIGHT, receptions happen after dark and the lights always get turned down low to set the mood) but they end up being one of the best parts of photo editing.

So today, I’m counting down 5 of my favorite reception moments, starting with number 5!

5. When the sweet, sentimental father daughter dance transformed into a silly amazingly choreographed number! Lindsay and her dad had the classic father daughter dance happening… it was sweet, it was slow, it was giving everyone all the feels. The DJ then pulled a switcharoo on everyone and Lindsay and her dad KILLED it at this amazing dance they put together!

2018-02-06_00042018-02-06_0006 2018-02-06_0005


4. When your father daughter dance turns into a full family dance! Natalie and her dad were in the middle of their father daughter dance when Natalie’s mom and brother came up and they had a family dance. It was one of my favorite sentimental moments and it just felt so special that the four of them had a moment at the wedding!

2018-02-06_0001 2018-02-06_00022018-02-06_0003-1


3. When you shoot a traditional Arab wedding reception and right from the beginning the wedding is amazing madness. Sooooo this was fun. Like really fun. There were a ton of people at this wedding and every single one of them was on the dance floor IMMEDIATELY at the start of the reception. Then the drum troop started playing, all the guests were clapping, Deena and Ryan and their parents had to beat one of the drums… I have no other words for it besides like SO upbeat, SO energetic, and one hell of a way to start a wedding reception!

2018-02-06_0017 2018-02-06_0016 2018-02-06_0015
2. When your couple surprises everyone with an amazing choreographed dance, with a fun transition in the middle. Jess and Jon came out for their first dance in such an epic way. Their friends are dance team instructors and taught the two of them a dance that was sentimental, sensual, silly, and sweet. They first danced to an Ed Sheeran song – if I remember correctly it was Kiss Me… and I think it was that because at one point there was a dance move they did perfectly timed to him singing “kiss me like you wanna be loved.” But then it transitioned to a song I don’t know, but it was much more upbeat and they had the most exciting dance moves to pair with the song change!
2018-02-06_0019 2018-02-06_0018


1. When your brides father signs the most heartwarming speech at his daughters wedding. Krystal’s dad happens to be deaf and Krystal is a sign language interpreter. Not only is she awesome, but her family is so great and her dad’s speech was so incredibly moving. He did have an interpreter speak what he was saying, but all eyes were on him and Krystal. At one point, he asked that everyone stand up and shower love onto the happy couple, and in complete silence, everyone started signing “I love you” towards Krystal and Greg. The silence made it extra powerful.

2018-02-06_0010 2018-02-06_0011 2018-02-06_0012


Runners up: 

When this dude who was catching people at the wedding… like actually having them run at him so he could catch them.2018-02-06_0007

When the photographers mom (DEB) starts the conga line… because of course my mother does that. Also, me at that wedding with my friends who are too blurry to see.2018-02-06_00082018-02-06_0020

When you use your giant spear to pierce your friends beers so they can shot gun them as your reception entrance.2018-02-06_0009


That’s all for now, folks!

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