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Something that’s been on my mind and the mind of my clients a lot lately has been the topic of photography deliverables! What does this mean exactly, you ask? It’s all about what you get after the session or wedding! Do you get digital files? Do you get edited images? Do you get images with a logo on them? Do you get prints? Do you get albums? Do you get canvases?

So I’m here to talk to you about digitals and prints and edits and logos and all that good stuff!

Right now, I primarily deliver my couples with edited digital files in two different formats. The first format is web resolution images, which are sized for the web! These are the ones you’ll post to Facebook and Instagram and attach in emails and share anywhere online. The second format is high resolution images, which are sized to be printed! These are the ones you’ll want to get professionally printed.

The reason I provide two sets is simple. I want the work I create for you to look as good as it possibly can on all display types – and the way the web sees a photograph is different than how a printer sees a photograph.

If you were to try to print the web resolution images, the prints would turn out pretty crummy. They’d be all pixelated and not what you’d want to hang on your wall or put in an album! Some printers might even give you error messages saying the images are too small. Similarly, if you tried to put the print resolution images on Facebook, they’d become incredibly compressed. The print resolution images are LARGE files. Facebook (and other websites) would crunch the images down into a messy looking image because the web needs smaller files to make them load quickly when someone views the webpage!

All clear?

I also offer are professional quality prints and keepsake albums. I know you’re asking yourself “Why bother getting prints done through you when I can just take them to Target or send them to snapfish or shutterfly? Why pay for a professional keepsake album when I can just make one my your own for cheap?”

So why prints?

First, as a professional photographer, I have special access to professional print labs. These print labs provide the highest of quality on all fronts – whether you’re buying 4×6’s, canvases, or designer albums. These labs take the time to produce incredible printed materials that deserve to be displayed.

Nikki Schell Photography Canvases Prints

Second, you need to see your images at print quality. I know so many people will look at the images in the two different forms (web and print) and thing they look exactly the same on their computer. Getting physical, professional prints of the images will make them that much better. Seeing them on the screen is okay but being able to hold them…SO COOL.

Third, when it comes to your wedding album, you’ll want it to be visually pleasing and well designed. Now, something you may not know about me is that I am a layout designer. In my day to day, I’m a web and UX designer and I got my start in design as a magazine layout designer! I’ve been able to take my design skills to produce beautiful wedding albums. I take the time to personally design albums for you so they tell your wedding story exactly how you like.

And finally, I know this stuff can be confusing, so I have so many ways to help you! I have print packages, gallery canvas wraps, album layout proofs and more. If you’re looking for a gallery wall of canvases, I have different options that can include 3-7 canvases – I can even show you what the group of images you’ve selected will look like all together. If you’re looking for an album for you and one for both sets of your parents, there’s a package for that. If you want $200 worth of prints – I can tell you what sizes to go with and how to display them!Nikki Schell Photography Canvases Prints

While the notion of getting stuff printed on your own and being DIY with your album can make sense, you aren’t doing your wedding images justice! Get high quality prints made. Display them in an album (I’m a big believer in this one especially because I adore my parents wedding album and it’s the only proper photos they have from their wedding). Create a gallery wall of canvases (I’ve just purchased some of my own)!

Due to the fact that I believe that you should be printing your images in the best quality way, I’m changing a few things with my deliverables in the near future! Stay tuned!

Nikki Schell Photography Canvases Prints

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  1. So much great advice! I’m a painter and people often send me the Facebook photo that they want me to reference in a painting and the quality is just not good!! Helping people to understand that before they print is really smart.

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