Photographs on the Walls

It is the digital age and we’re all guilty of so many things that come with technology being so accessible. One of those things is taking a bajillion photographs on our cell phones, dumping them to the cloud or onto our computers, and rarely going back to look at them. Even as a photographer I am guilty of this… like you should see the amount of images I take of my dogs that I don’t delete because they’re so cute but don’t do anything with.

But as a photographer, I believe STRONGLY in doing something with at least SOME of your images. Whether its printing them, making a canvas gallery, or designing an album, I believe in taking them off the screen and seeing them up close and personal! I try to design albums for every trip I take and every year I make a folder of personal pictures I take that I want to get printed.

Since I believe so much in the idea of prints and getting photographs on the wall, this winter I took on an extra special project for some very special people. For all of my wedding clients of 2017, I gifted them with a framed 16×20 from their wedding day. I ordered 15 of these gorgeous 20×24 frames – two different styles because I couldn’t make up my mind and I thought certain images/couples fit one frame or the other better. Then I went through all the wedding galleries and selected either a favorite of mine or one that I saw them post on Facebook/Instagram and ordered those prints from my lab!

Once I was able to put the prints in the frames, I started getting giddy. I pranced the frames around the house showing my brother and his girlfriend and anyone who walked into the house because I was just that excited about these.client-gifts-5client-gifts-4client-gifts-6client-gifts-2
The worst part about it was packaging them for shipping. I planned to deliver some without the help of the postal service, so those ones I was able to package a little lighter, but I was soooooo paranoid about getting them enough bubble wrap and padding and writing fragile a million times all over the box because who wants a broken picture frame. It took me a couple weeks to get them all boxed up and ready to go because I spent like 45 minutes on each frame (this timing could also be due to my surgery that I had causing me to be very limited in one hand).

Anywhooo, I was everyone’s least favorite person at the UPS store one morning but I don’t care because my cutie clients now have pictures from their big days up on their walls! The messages from my clients made me SO happy!

While I love being able to gift prints and frames and goodies, I think it’s just so important to get some of your images off the screen and onto your walls!

IMG_5967IMG_5964IMG_5971 IMG_5940 IMG_5939 IMG_6828

I loved the frames so much, I bought one for myself and have it hanging over my desk! It makes me happy to look at!


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