The Ospreys At Belmont Bay Wedding | Jordan & Phillip

What a day this was at The Osprey’s at Belmont Bay! Jordan and Phillip are such an amazing couple and I could not be more honored that I was able to photograph their big day.

Jordan and Phillip have one of those “it was fate” stories – they met in an online chat room while she was living in Portland and he was in Virginia. The two formed a cross-country friendship through texting and talking on the phone. Two years later, they finally met in person, and then spent another two years in a cross-country relationship. Once Jordan was done with school, she moved out to Virginia and now they’re living happily ever after.

From the start, I’ve been a bit enamored by their relationship. As a stranger looking in, it was easy to tell that they bring out the truest versions of one another. They make each other laugh, they’re very open with one another, and they’re HAPPY. It was easy to be like “yasss plz let me photograph you” after just 3 minutes into our first meeting!

Before we jump into the photos, I want to write a little about their wedding day:


It was 90 degrees out, in mid-October, but it was a nice sunny day so what more could you ask for!?

Their bridal party was awesome – they were so funny and nice, and also really really easy to work with!

I am obsessed with her details – from the bracelet her sister bought her with the wedding date and Jordan’s new last initial, to the flowers, to the rose gold everything, to the Toms shoes… I was like **heart.eyes.emoji**

One of her bridesmaids did all their make up… she’s a badass at it, too.

The gents suits were sooooo rich looking. The deep colors really looked great on all of them.

And my favorite thing of all from their day – the emooootion. I had tears running down my face multiple times during this wedding. From her first look with her dad, to their beautiful personal vows, to his dance with his mom, and down to their speeches… TEARS. I don’t normally disclose much personal info about my clients, because this is the internet, but for story sake, I feel like this detail is very important: Jordan’s mother passed away a few years ago… but she was definitely there, watching over and happily crying for her daughter. Happy, funny, joyful, loving, caring, remembrance, pure raw genuine tears.


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