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My First Styled Shoot


Do you recall when I wrote about how I’d be working with a wedding photographer and other wonderful photographers for the upcoming wedding season? If not, read about that here!

Well, I finally met the lovely Sarah behind Photos by Sarah Beth, and the four other delightful photographers who, along with me, make up her assistants and interns for her 2015 wedding season. Last Friday, I ventured to Sarah’s home and was SO nervous. I think I shrugged those nerves off in about 2 seconds after being greeted so warmly by the whole crew.

In case you’re curious about the other photographers, check out their work: Natalie, Jessica, Rachel, and Taylor.

A little behind the scenes look at capturing that perfect bouquet photos. It did get a little overwhelming to be shooting alongside five other humans, but it mostly just made me laugh cause I felt like we were a pack of hungry animals.

Anywhooooo, Sarah put together a vintage organic inspired shoot for us to see her at work and for her to see us at work, too. The bouquet, boutonnière, and hair succulent were by Petals by the Shore and were absolutely beautiful. The vintage dress was from Cheshire Vintage, and it looked so great on Ashley who modeled for us (along with her husband, Daniel). Hair and make up were done by Alison Harper & Company and it was so amazing to watch it being done. It took very little time and the two artists were super friendly. Finally, the lovely green shoes were by Seychelles. The styling of the whole shoot was so great; I hope one day I can put together fun styled shoots!

We went into Old Town Alexandria to actually do the photoshoot. It was amazing and so much fun!

water socute

First of all, I love Old Town Alexandria. It is such a cute part of town, with so many neat touches that really fit the whole vintage/organic inspiration.

Second of all, it was great to watch Sarah and the others direct the two models. Being someone who hasn’t focused too much on photographing people, I don’t have all that much experience with posing/making people not feel awkward. I learned some neat little tips about how to get them to tweak their body positions to make for a more natural and more dynamic photograph. I still have tons to practice with that, but I will get there.

rings2 flowers

Third, I am dying a little bit inside because I was able to use a full frame camera (5dii) with my new lens for the first time. I had used the same combination before, but all the gear was rented, and using my lens on a crop sensor is OK, but it doesn’t seem like I use it to it’s full potential. I need to buy a new camera body. I just need to bite the bullet and do it. I’d really like to sell some of my current unused lenses first, so if anyone is interested in a Canon EF-S 18-55, a Canon EF-S 55-250, or a Canon EF 50 1.8, hollaaa.

Fourth, did I mention how fun it was? Not only was it awesome to do the actual photoshoot and learn a bit, but the other photographers are extremely nice. It’s great to know that there are such delightful humans in the photography business. I found each of them to be so lovely – I was definitely a bit intimidated beforehand as their photography is so amazing.

building walkframe

All in all, I can’t wait to do this whole styled shoot thing again. Even if I don’t continue with wedding photography after this season with Sarah, photography is something I extremely enjoy and after my first styled shoot I could see myself wanting to do these all the time.

Big thanks to Sarah for setting all of this up and selecting me in the first place to work with you! Can’t wait for the first wedding I work with you and am so excited to see the beautiful pictures from you and the other girls throughout your wedding season!


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