Inner Harbor Engagement Session |Kristin & Johnny

A little while back, I received an email from a woman who was so obviously in love with her fiancé – the way she described their relationship, with all the fun, support, love, and happiness that is between them, it was hard to not fall in love with their love.

I finally had the chance to meet them for their engagement session after a few months of emailing and following each other on Instagram, and I was right. Their love is endearing. I’m happy that I get to capture them on their wedding day and so happy that we had a great engagement session together.

Truthfully, conditions weren’t ideal outside that day. It was VERY cold out andddd it was crazy windy. But the two of them stuck it out. We also did half of their session somewhere very THEM. Johnny is a power lifter, Kristin is incredibly fit, and they met at a gym. So, we went to Johnny’s gym and took photos there! It was completely different for me, and I felt incredibly out of shape compared to the people at the gym, but I was capturing them in such a uniquely them way that we had so much fun with it!


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