Goals for 2017

Goals usually start at the beginning of the year and I’m not sure why. I suppose that’s a good time to refresh and renew. Regardless, I’m a few weeks late but I have some goals for myself for the year.


  1. Collaborate with other creatives on projects that make my heart happy. I’m hoping to work on some styled shoots that allow me the opportunity to mesh minds with some of my favorite wedding vendors, but I’m also hoping to work on projects that aren’t styled shoots. I love fashion photography, a lot, and would love to work on art direction for some creative fashion shoots.
  2. Refine my brand. I have some lofty ideas when it comes to my brand and I’m really trying to make them happen. This will take time and a lot of work, but I want people to see my photos and think “That’s Nikki Schell Photography.” I don’t know if this can happen in just a year, but it could.
  3. Empower people through my images. I’ve been told that I make people very comfortable in front of the camera, and I think there is weight behind that. This is half the reason I’d like to start a boudoir side to business.
  4. Give back to my community. With the recent passing of my pup, I’m thinking I’d like to do “Pal and Me” shoots (of people and their fur pals), where half the funds go to the humane society (or another org – I need to do my research)! The other half of the funds would go to my brother for Mango’s final medical bills. I wish I had more professional quality images with Mango and me, so that’s what has inspired me!
  5. Provide my couples and clients with an awesome experience working with me. This sounds silly and it was a goal of mine last year, but I think it’ll be a goal every year! I want my couples to continue to love that they decided on me as their wedding photographer.


  1. Lose this extra weight. In 2016, I gained between 20 to 30 pounds – and to some people it’s not super noticeable because I’m still thin. However, it’s very noticeable to me and has hurt my self confidence a bit. My doctor and I are trying to combat it (as it’s due to a health condition), but it’s taking some time.
  2. Get better at sending cards. Who doesn’t like to receive a card in the mail? — fill this out and I’ll send you a card at some point!
  3. See more of the world! Traveling is my favorite thing to do besides take photographs, so this one is always on my list. So far, I’m going on a trip to the caribbean, then a trip to Amsterdam, London, and Paris, then I’ll be going to Iceland! So long PTO, hello places that aren’t America!
  4. Be better at friendship. I’m not bad at friendship, I just have a lot of difficult friendships because 80% of my friends are located a 4+ hour drive away. Long distance friendships are tough and I’d like to get better at maintaining them!
  5. Finally, remember to take care of myself both mentally and physically. I need to let myself rest when my body or mind needs rest. I need to stop eating foods I’m allergic to… even if they come covered in chocolate (shoutout to my chocolate covered strawberry addiction)! If I need a haircut, go get a haircut, if I need a massage, go get a massage. Listen to what my body is trying to tell me.

As a final note, I’d like to inform you that this year, my overarching goal is BALANCE. It is my word and I am hoping that everything I do can provide my life with balance. Since I work as a web designer full time and run my photography business as well, I need to provide my life with more balance. I get pulled in so many directions sometimes that this year I’m going to compartmentalize my time a bit more – having designated days for shoots, saying no to weddings because I’m focusing on traveling, scheduling time for friends, and scheduling time to just lounge around at home.

Thanks! Let’s make this year the best year yet!


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