A Fairview Farm Wedding | Jess & Jon

What do you get when you combine Harry Potter, a family farm, the most beautiful couple, a sunshiny day, event planning by Alexandra Nesterak, and an awesome surprise choreographed dance?

You get the #stachgoesbeard wedding – it’s definitely one for the ages. 

I can’t say enough amazing things about this wedding, so let me start by talking about what might be my favorite part.

Their first dance, oh. my. GOODNESS. It was the most phenomenal thing I’ve ever seen. It made me feel things – it was romantic, beautiful, playful… all things I would say describe Jess and Jon (as least how I know them)! They absolutely nailed it. I could gush over it for forever, and I’m sure I’ll be thinking about it for a long time.

Anyways, other things that were so clear and apparent…

These two are surrounded by incredible family. There were adorable babies and children all around, the nicest and funniest siblings, beautiful and kind moms & bonus mom, caring and respectable dads. The entire day took place on the family farm, which made it all the more special. There was even lil Monkey aka Jess & Jon’s baby puppy. The day was full of sentiment.

Another favorite of mine was Jess’ maid of honor/sister’s speech. Gotta give her props because it’s one of the best I’ve heard! Her twist on a well known Irish blessing was hilarious and so fitting. Sláinte!

Finally, I have to give it up to Jess, Jon, and the talented Alexandra Nesterak Events for putting together the most elegant farm/Harry Potter wedding imaginable! Check out all the decor – it was so classic, and being a Harry Potter fiend, I was a big fan of it all!

Shoutout to my second shooter Rachel for being there to capture shots alongside of me!

I hope you enjoy the images!

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