My Most Embarrassing Moments as a Photographer

People regularly believe that being a wedding photographer is full of glitz and glamour. It is not. Maybe it’s just me, but I’ve had a few moments as a wedding photographer where I’ve thought, “this isn’t supposed to happen to wedding photographers!”

Here’s a quick round up of my ~favorite~ embarrassing moments as a photographer!

Washington DC Wedding Photographer

That time I broke the boutonniere.

I no longer pin boutonnieres on because at this wedding I was trying to be helpful and instead I snapped it in half. It all worked out in the end – the groom didn’t love the flowers on the boutonniere so luckily that was the part the fell off.

That time the father of the groom told me I was rude.

The bride and the groom were about to do their first look out on the balcony of this beautiful venue and the grooms dad was standing out there with the groom. I asked the groom if he wanted to be alone or if it was okay that his dad was there and would see the first look all up close. The groom told that he’d rather his dad go back inside. I kindly asked the father of the groom to give us 10 minutes for the couple to be alone for the first look. He told me that it was ridiculous and rude of me to ask him to leave even though I got to stay and see it all.

That time I ate it while walking on flat land with the bride and groom.

Yeah, this one explains itself. I was walking… and then I was on the ground. Tripped over my own two feet! The bride and groom were so thrown off, as was I, but now we all laugh about it.

That time I dropped a memory card in front of the entire wedding party on a dock with slits in it. 

I was shooting the groomsmen while the bridesmaids watched and I needed to switch out my CF card. I shoot on one big SD card for the whole day (128GB) but switch out my CF cards after I fill them up (16GB). This helps me know that I will have a good copy of all the images stored in two separate places! However, during this wedding, I popped out my CF card and it promptly slipped through my fingers onto the dock and almost went through the cracks. The groomsmen faces were shocked and I tried to play it cool like “it’s okay it’s okay I shoot on two cards” but I know no one knows what that means and they thought I almost lost all the images.

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That time the mom of the groom told me my work needed better instagram-like filters.

Yeah, ouch. This one hurt. I was so flustered and embarrassed by this one and didn’t know how to react so I just smiled through it. Then I cried to my second shooter later!

That time the bride hugged me at the beginning of the day and I burped thanks to Chick-Fil-A.

I know, ew, but also LOL. This was literally the FIRST thing that happened the entire wedding day… like when I first got to the hotel and gave her a hug… gross. I disgust myself (but whatever chick-fil-a is delicious and a girl’s gotta eat during those 10 hour days)!

 That time I dropped a lens cap on the floor during the father’s welcome speech.

You know that saying “So quiet you can hear a pin drop?” Yes, this was similarly quiet and lens caps and 10x louder than pins. And they sometimes roll. It felt like the loudest thing in the entire world.

That time I elbowed the mom of the bride in the boob. 

Put my camera up to my face, lifted my arms, BOOP right in the boob of the mom of the bride. Luckily, she was not hurt and we laughed it off but whoopsies.

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I’ve been #blessed at not being super easy to embarrass during my day to day… but at weddings it’s like I try so hard to come across like a non-awkward clumsy human being and it all comes out! Thankfully, I have some of the most phenomenal couples who are totally fine with the awkward clumsy human I am since I’m pretty good at making them look great (dusting my shoulders off)!

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