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Cute DC Date Ideas

I’m a simple lady. Not saying I don’t like to be wined and dined, but I’m quite content with date night being take out and watching the Caps on TV. However, I also love DC and I love exploring, so I came up with a few cute DC date ideas!

DC date ideas

    • Do a paint and wine class!
      • I recently did this with some friends of mine and but it was so fun and would be a really fun date!
        The one I went to was called Uncork’d in Adam’s Morgan and it’s was a ton of fun. Only downside to this being a date is that you would then have two of the same painting! You could make it a fun game by exchanging them at the end of the date.

DC date ideas

    • Go to a Caps/Wizards/Nats game!
      • Buy some cheap tickets on Gametime or Stubhub, sit all the way at the top (or ya know, wherever you decide), eat hot dogs and drink beer. Cheer the hometown boys on and enjoy good company at the same time. One of my fears is being at the game with a friend and getting put on the kisscam, but if it were for a date it’d be awkwardly hilarious! **You could also go to an O’s, Skin’s, Raven’s game — but they play outside of the city, so I don’t want to confuse people!


    • Be DC Tourists!
      • The Mall is full of the amazing Smithsonian museums, we have the top-notch Smithsonian’s National Zoo, there’s all sorts of memorials and statues, there’s the National Portrait Gallery, there’s the US Botanical Gardens and the National Arboretum… and all of these are FREE. Funny thing is that since I grew up in the area and have been blessed by these free experiences, I didn’t know museums and zoo’s cost money to visit until I went away to college.
        Regardless, walk along the mall, stop into the Air and Space Museum, or Hirshhorn, or visit the Botanical Gardens, or go read the walls of the Lincoln Memorial. There’s literally so much to do. Walking is required. Holding hands is optional.

DC date ideas

    • GROUP DATE: Go to the Escape Room!
      • I bought my mom 4 tickets to Escape Room Live figuring she’d go with some of her friends, but instead she invited my dad, Jeff, and me. We did not escape. Embarrassing. But it was fun! At first it was super weird, but then everyone started getting into it and we had a great time.

DC date ideas

    • Fall in Love with Jose Andres!
      • I’m a little biased but just go to one of Jose Andres’ restaurants and try telling me it sucked. My two personal faves are Oyamel and Zaytinya. Jaleo is good too. Minibar is the next on my list to try, but I’m not sure if I’m ready for it yet!


    • See a show!
      • Okay so this one isn’t particularly specific and it’s simply because there 9million ways to catch a good show in DC. There’s music, dance, theatre, comedy and more. I’ve lived in the area the majority of my life and I haven’t been to every venue. The Kennedy Center is a #1 to check off your date night list, but the 9:30 club always has great music, Echostage has lots of dance music, DC Improv is hilarious, and the Lincoln Theatre always has great performances!


  • OUT OF THE CITY: Vineyards!
    • Go out to Leesburg or Bluemont and stumble upon some AWESOME vineyards! Try some wine, enjoy scenery, and be back to DC within an hour!

That’s all the cute DC date ideas from me! What’re your favorite DC date ideas?! Let me know!



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