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Woo hoo! You’re getting married! You are a fiancé! You’re engaged! There is so much planning and so much thought that has to go into everything! You’ve booked me as your wedding photographer (I’m ecstatic about this one!) and you’re choosing to go with an extended engagement session so we can have more time together and you can have more images!

I ask you if you have a location or two in mind and you totally blank. THAT’S OKAY! I have ideas for days about places I want to shoot, but I really do want you to think about it.

Here are some tips for picking an engagement session location or locations!

Figure out if you want to shoot in multiple locations! For my complimentary engagement session, I only allow for us to do one location, so we don’t waste time driving around, but many couples opt to have the longer engagement session, which we can have up to two locations! Still, some prefer to stay in the same place and walk around a lot to get different shots.

Think of a meaningful place! Did you have your first date at a coffee shop? Did your proposal happen at a hockey game? Did you meet in NYC? Think about places that are meaningful to your relationship and consider doing your shoot there!

Figure out your VIBE. Are you feeling outdoorsy? Classic? Beachy? Small town? Like a homebody? Really consider what your style is and tell me! I can recommend a few locations for a bunch of different vibes. I want these images to fit who you are as a couple, so the location really matters as it will have an effect on the overall feel of the shoot!

Consider doing a niche/styled shoot! You guys met on the water and now own a sailboat together? How about we do a shoot on your boat! You guys love going to farmers markets? Let’s do your engagements session there!

Be aware of PERMITS! Especially around the DC area, photography permits are necessary for a lot of locations. Permits can range from $20 to $400 and can take some time to acquire (as a note, clients are responsible for obtaining and paying for the permit, which is why I have to throw this in there)!

If you can’t think of something, or don’t really have a strong pull towards a particular place, tell me and I can suggest some places that I’d love to shoot or that I feel might fit you or photograph beautifully the season we’re doing your engagement session!

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