UK, Paris, Amsterdam | Part 3

If you haven’t read part 1 (UK) yet, you can find that here. If you haven’t read part 2 (Paris) yet, you can find that here. We woke up quite early and headed to the train station to catch our train from Paris to Amsterdam. We got baguettes and croissants and coffee in the station. We boarded the train and had a nice 3-hour long train ride, stopping in Brussels, and then on to Amsterdam. The train station in Amsterdam was SO cool. Like quite pretty. We stepped outside and it felt spectacular! It was such a beautiful day. I had been told […]

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UK, Paris, Amsterdam | Part 2

If you haven’t read part 1 yet, you can find that here. After a 2-hour train ride from London to Paris we have to taxi and went straight to our Airbnb. The Airbnb was really cute and it was just a quick 15-minute walk to the base of the Eiffel Tower. Even though it was quite late when we arrived, we walked there our first night and as soon as we got to the base the lights started twinkling! At the Eiffel Tower there are people who are trying to sell you all sorts of stuff while you’re hanging out […]

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UK, Paris, Amsterdam | Part 1

After planning this trip for what feels like years, Jeff and I finally embarked on our mini European tour. We planned to see London, Paris, and Amsterdam – and visit some friends along the way. While our flight to Heathrow was delayed, it didn’t matter all that much. So here we go, part one of our trip! We landed in London and were quickly through security and customs when we were greeted with a friendly face. Anne Laure, who was Jeff’s au pair when he was a little guy, lives in the UK and we stayed with her and her […]

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St. Thomas, USVI | Adult Spring Break

I’m a spoiled, spoiled child. I’ve had the privileged of going to the caribbean more times than I can count. When I was 15, my parents bought property on St. Thomas, so the amount of time I’ve been able to go has increased dramatically since then. My parents were going down to St.Thomas for vacation and invited my brother and me, as well as 18 others, to join them. I like to call it Adult Spring Break, and I’ll tell you why shortly, but here are some tropical photos to get you amped for summertime. Okay, so upon arrival, I […]

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Nikki Takes Austin | June 2016

Nikki Schell Austin, Texas Wedding Photographer

Woo hoo! I went to Austin! Crossed another city on my list of places I need to visit (have a LOT more to go). Austin was AMAZING! I really quite loved the city and think I should move there. No jokes. The weather was hot, the people were nice, the food was great, and there was so much tech and art and hip-ness all around. This blog post isn’t really a wordy post. Here’s what I did: Walked around, went to Torchy’s Tacos, met JFK’s reincarnation, checked into this AirBnb, went to the Salt Lick for the rehearsal dinner! Ate breakfast at Monkey Nest […]

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Everything’s Bigger In Texas – My Next Stop


Guess where I’m going next?! Obviously Texas is in the title, but can you guess what city? It’s really hip, supposed to have great food, it’s becoming a hub for interactive companies, and (here’s the big giveaway) it’s home to SXSW (sadly, I will not be visiting during SXSW nor do I have the funds to go, but man I’d love to go see how this city in Texas explodes during the conference)! I’m going to Austin, Texas! And guess what?! I’m going there because Sarah (who I second shoot for on occasion), booked a wedding and asked if I’d […]

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Nikki Takes Nashville | April 2016

Nikki Schell Nashville Wedding Photographer

My best friend moved to Nashville in June 2015 and I had been dying to visit her. Time was a big issue, as you might know, I’m a busy lady, but I needed to make some time to visit my BFF of ever. For Christmas, I sent her a Kate Spade planner with a little note on it saying to pick a weekend and I’d come hang in Nashville. Finally, this winter I booked a flight and impatiently waited to go see her! It came time for me to go visit and I was insanely sick. I went to the doctors […]

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Nikki (and Jeff) Take Toronto | March 2016

Travel Photography Toronto Canada

A weekend in Toronto = Lots of walking & lots of food A few weekends ago, Jeff and I went up to Toronto. We aren’t exactly sure why but we had a great time. I was feeling really uncultured I suppose, my entire family was traveling a lot, and I got antsy, so I started looking up flights to Charleston, Savannah, Orlando, and Toronto. I asked Jeff if he’d want to go somewhere with me and the flights to Toronto were the cheapest soooo there you have it.

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Nikki Takes California – Part 3 (Driving Route 1)


Back in September of 2015, I went on a solo trip to California and gave my trip the title of Nikki Takes California. I know, I’m seriously slacking on getting some posts and stories up about my trip, but I’m a busy lady. Anyways, be sure to read about my time in 29 Palms and Santa Monica before reading this post! Part 3 of my trip all takes place in ONE day. It was a long day. But I did so much that I though my time in Northern California would be one posts, but I had to break it into two for […]

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Nikki Takes California – Part 2 (Santa Monica)


Back in September I went to California for the first time! Read about part one, my time in the desert that is 29 Palms, before reading this! The whole reason I was even in California was because I was given a free two nights stay at a swanky hotel in Santa Monica. So I took those two nights and turned it into a 10 day vacation. 

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