Bohemian Bridal Portraits | Styled Shoot

This bohemian bridal portraits session was planned around a vision that was all things floral and romantic! It actually all started with the location – a beautiful field that had both a bamboo forest and high grasses. I saw it and had the need to photograph something beautiful here. A few months later, I still hadn’t photographed anything there even though I constantly suggested it as a location for my couples’ engagement sessions! This is when I decided to bring together a team to create a Flowers in Her Hair themed bohemian bridal portraits shoot. For the flowers, I knew […]

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Prints & Albums & Digitals

Something that’s been on my mind and the mind of my clients a lot lately has been the topic of photography deliverables! What does this mean exactly, you ask? It’s all about what you get after the session or wedding! Do you get digital files? Do you get edited images? Do you get images with a logo on them? Do you get prints? Do you get albums? Do you get canvases? So I’m here to talk to you about digitals and prints and edits and logos and all that good stuff! Right now, I primarily deliver my couples with edited […]

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Rose Gold & Mint Inspiration Shoot

Washington DC Wedding Photographer

Back in April, alongside Alexandra Nesterak Events and a great group of wedding creatives, I pulled together and photographed a Rose Gold and Mint Inspiration Shoot. It was recently featured on the wedding blog Glamour and Grace! Anyways, to me the point of inspiration shoots, also known as styled shoots, is to be able to create something that’ll inspire brides in their wedding planning, to work and connect with other wedding vendors, and to make a vision come to life! They allow creativity and give many wedding vendors the opportunity to do something they might not get the chance to do […]

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A Sunflower Field Family Portrait Session

Maryland Family Photography Sunflower Field

I don’t really do family photography all that much. It’s not particularly my niche, but when a friend asks if I will take photos of him and his wife and their twin daughters in a sunflower field, I say OF COURSE! They did have to bear with me wanting to shoot bright and early, and when I say bright I mean still barely light out (and super weirdly foggy) and when I say early I mean 6am early. Here are a few photographs from this beautiful families photo session that I enjoyed so much I felt the need to share!

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Nashville Portrait Session | Meagan

Nashville Photography by Nikki Schell

A few weeks ago I went to visit my BFF in Nashville. We had a great time, which I’ll write about soon, but I wanted to show off these gorgeous photos I took of her during this little Nashville portrait session we had. It was chillier than we expected, but there was some amazing light, and amazing trees in this darling park. The park was actually a bit funny, as there must have been proms that night, so there were plenty of other photoshoots happening. Also, there were puppies. If you know anything about me, you know that all I […]

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Portrait Session in DC | Grace

DC Portrait Photography by Nikki Schell

Grace is my newly-San Francisco based friend who I met in grad school. Post-grad school, she moved up to DC and it was awesome, since I’m here, too! I had photographed a portrait session in DC (or two, or three, or I don’t even know how many), and since she’s a fantastic photographer, I would send her my client galleries before sending them to my clients. I needed her photographic eye to approve of the images I was delivering. Grace and I had been talking about doing a portrait session in DC for a while and when it finally happened, it was magical! […]

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Portrait Session | Stephen | Rockville, Maryland

Photography by Nikki Schell

Stephen and I spent one morning doing this portrait session in Rockville Town Center in Maryland. Male portrait sessions have always been a bit difficult for me. I can pose women quite easily, as I know what will translate well on camera – and being a female myself I ~obviously~ practice in the mirror (I swear… before any portrait session, I stand in front of a mirror and turn and twist my body and yes this is humiliating to admit but whatever). I know how I like a man to look… but sometimes I don’t know how to direct a […]

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BFF Portrait Session | Washington, DC | Nia & Coral

Maryland Senior BFF Portrait Session Photography by Nikki Schell

I did a second Instagram giveaway, one that was for a portrait session and beautiful Nia won! She asked if she could bring a friend with her for her session, so we turned it into a BFF portrait session! She brought her gorgeous best friend Coral, and I am so excited with how their photos turned out. Can I just tell you how much this BFF portrait session inspired me!? This session inspired me to offer BFF portrait sessions as part of my senior sessions! I was thinking… what could be more fun than getting dressed up with your best […]

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Portrait Session | Cousins | Rockville, MD

Maryland Senior Portrait Photography by Nikki Schell

Welcome to the most coven-inspired portrait session I’ve ever done! Dressed in all black and looking fly as can be, I met up with these four beautiful cousins in Rockville, MD to snap a fun family portrait session. There are so many things that come to mind when looking at these photos, and most of them have to do with witches, pretty little liars, and BAMF rockstars. There were a few people walking around who lingered a bit too long and I’m hoping we convinced the strangers that they were going to get hexed. So in reality, HOW GOOD DO THESE FOUR […]

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Rebecca | Newborn Session | Maryland

Newborn Photography in Maryland by Nikki Schell

I don’t really promote myself as a family or newborn photographer at all, but sometimes, a special baby or special family come along and ask if I’d snap some photographs for them! This was one of those circumstances. This adorable baby is Rebecca and she’s just so squishy! I’m ecstatic for her family and was very honored when they asked if I’d take photos of her. Taking newborn photos is a process that requires a lot of patience and I’m willing to admit that it’s definitely not my specialty. I thoroughly enjoyed taking these pictures; once Rebecca fell asleep I […]

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