Switching it Up: Bridesmen and Groomswomen

Bridesmen and Groomswomen

Not only do I simply love the terms bridesmen and groomswomen, but I love the concept. I’m fairly non-traditional. If you look at my family life, you’d be laughing at me as it’s the classic mom, dad, two children situation, but I’d like to think I am a little bit about breaking the mold.

I love tradition especially meaningful tradition, but I also try not to let old ways of thinking get me down. Like… how I love my white pants and will wear them before memorial day if I do please… I’m also a big fan of First Looks!

So it should come as no surprise that I’m a huge advocate for switching things up in the bridal party and having bridesmen and groomswomen if it makes sense to do so!

bridesmen and groomswomen
#notthegroom but the absolute most fun bridesman!

For me this makes perfect sense because growing up, most (and by most I mean like all but two) of my friends were guys. They still are my friends. I was ALWAYS the only girl – in my neighborhood, on that “co-ed” soccer team I played on once, amongst my brother and our family friends… there’s a really funny family story about my brother kicking me once and how I had a perfect reaction… but I won’t go there – ask me about it in person if you care to know.

Anyways, so as someone who has always had best friends that are guys, it makes me such a huge fan of having YOUR friends on YOUR side. While I totally want the groom of my future to be BFF’s with all my bro’s, I think it’d be more meaningful if they were standing next to me, right?

I know some people think it’s totally weird…the men should be on the grooms side and the women should be on the brides side, but really, it makes so much sense.

Here’s a little anecdote:

I was recently shooting a wedding where throughout the day I slowly discovered that most of the bridesmaids were actually the groom’s friends. The bride knew them, but not particularly well, and she didn’t feel comfortable changing in front of them or seem to really be having that great of a time with them around. Not that she was having a bad time… it was just a bit of an awkward vibe to be honest.

This really made me think about this idea of bridesmen and groomswomen because don’t you want to be surrounded by people you’re close with and who will make you laugh and feel like you’re being celebrated on your wedding day? Who cares if those people happen to be a different gender than the norm…just surround yourself with your best mates and have a blast celebrating on your wedding day! Cheers to bridesmen and groomswomen!

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