Belle Mer Island House | Erin & Mike

At the beginning of September, I was lucky enough to photograph an amazing couple up in Rhode Island at Belle Mer Island House. I told you a little about their backstory and my relationship with them when I posted about their engagement session!

Anyways, Mike has known me since I was born, and I met Erin at an ice hockey game shortly after they started dating. They’re truly a great pair – Erin is so mellow and laid back, but also has quite an adventurous spirit, so she can keep up with Mike and all of his activities like surfing and boating and traveling.

When they asked me to photograph their wedding, I was a bit nervous because of a few things, but the biggest one was the fact that my family and a lot of my friends would be there. I had photographed weddings that I had friends at before, but not on this caliber. I was nervous that my brother or one of my friends would get intoxicated and start screaming at me to take photos during some vital moment like their first dance or their first kiss. Luckily none of that happened. I did capture some hilarious moments of my family and friends though. And my dad helped me out by being my second shooter for 3 minutes! Love that man.

But back to Rhode Island – not only was Newport beautiful, but they had an absolutely amazing day. It was cooler out so no one was sweating through their suits, we got a beautiful sunset, and the Belle Mer Island House was an awesome location. The wedding guests came to dance, the music was great as was the food, and everyone seemed to be having a phenomenal time.

The day after the wedding I was able to put my camera down and enjoy some time with my family, friends, and Erin & Mike.

On to the wedding day!

belle-mer-wedding-81 belle-mer-wedding-80 belle-mer-wedding-79 belle-mer-wedding-78 belle-mer-wedding-77 belle-mer-wedding-76 belle-mer-wedding-74 belle-mer-wedding-75 belle-mer-wedding-73 belle-mer-wedding-72 belle-mer-wedding-71 belle-mer-wedding-70 belle-mer-wedding-68 belle-mer-wedding-69 belle-mer-wedding-67 belle-mer-wedding-60

On to their first look and formal portraits!

belle-mer-wedding-66 belle-mer-wedding-65 belle-mer-wedding-64 belle-mer-wedding-63 belle-mer-wedding-88 belle-mer-wedding-87 belle-mer-wedding-86 belle-mer-wedding-85 belle-mer-wedding-84 belle-mer-wedding-83 belle-mer-wedding-82belle-mer-wedding-42 belle-mer-wedding-41 belle-mer-wedding-40belle-mer-wedding-31 belle-mer-wedding-39 belle-mer-wedding-38 belle-mer-wedding-37 belle-mer-wedding-36 belle-mer-wedding-35 belle-mer-wedding-34 belle-mer-wedding-33 belle-mer-wedding-32 belle-mer-wedding-30 belle-mer-wedding-29 belle-mer-wedding-28 belle-mer-wedding-27 belle-mer-wedding-26

Time for the ceremony!

belle-mer-wedding-51 belle-mer-wedding-52 belle-mer-wedding-53 belle-mer-wedding-54 belle-mer-wedding-55 belle-mer-wedding-56 belle-mer-wedding-57 belle-mer-wedding-58 belle-mer-wedding-59 belle-mer-wedding-50 belle-mer-wedding-49belle-mer-wedding-48 belle-mer-wedding-47 belle-mer-wedding-46 belle-mer-wedding-45 belle-mer-wedding-44 belle-mer-wedding-43belle-mer-wedding-93 belle-mer-wedding-92 belle-mer-wedding-91 belle-mer-wedding-90belle-mer-wedding-62 belle-mer-wedding-61 belle-mer-wedding-25 belle-mer-wedding-24 belle-mer-wedding-23 belle-mer-wedding-22 belle-mer-wedding-21 belle-mer-wedding-20 belle-mer-wedding-19 belle-mer-wedding-18 belle-mer-wedding-17 belle-mer-wedding-16 belle-mer-wedding-15 belle-mer-wedding-14 belle-mer-wedding-13 belle-mer-wedding-12 belle-mer-wedding-11 belle-mer-wedding-9 belle-mer-wedding-8 belle-mer-wedding-7 belle-mer-wedding-6 belle-mer-wedding-5 belle-mer-wedding-4 belle-mer-wedding-3 belle-mer-wedding-2belle-mer-wedding-10 belle-mer-wedding-1

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