Awesome Wedding Venues in Northern Virginia

Finding a wedding venue is typically one of the first steps an engaged couple takes during wedding planning! There are a bazillion and one amazing venues around the area, so rather than do DC, MD, and NoVA all together, I decided to compile a short list of my favorite awesome wedding venues in Northern Virginia.

First up, Bluemont Vineyard (or any of the Wineries in the Loudon area).

bluemont vineyard wedding

Sooooo if you know much about me, you know I’m almost the definition of a basic white girl when it comes to wine. I love me some wine. I love me some cheese. I love me some chocolate. I love em all together. I love going to vineyards. I love going to wineries. I love going wine tasting.

As a photographer, capturing weddings at wineries makes my heart sing! There is texture and foregrounds and vines and greenery and all of it is my favorite! Bluemont has a beautiful barn with AMAZING twinkly lights and the cutest little bridal suite. There are also views for days, a nice little cottage, and it’s connected to Dirt Farm Brewing in case your guests (or your groom) need a beer before the festivities commence!

Next up, Raspberry Plain Manor.

raspberry plain

The first time I photographed at Raspberry Plain, I was second shooting and it was on a rainy day, but I still fell in love with it! When I finally was able to photograph there on my own, I produced some of my favorite pictures to date! I recommend it to friends getting married all the time. LOOK AT THOSE WINDOWS.

It is such a bright space, has a great designated dance floor, and it’s a historic manor so some of the rooms give you that very vintage feel! There is also amazing outdoor space including a garden that is awesome for photographs!

Third, The Osprey’s at Belmont Bay.


I adore this venue – not only was the couple I photographed here just SO phenomenal, but it was a very beautiful and ~easy~ space to photograph in! As a natural light photographer, those light colored floors, white ceilings, light colored walls, and windows make photographing an event and space so awesome.

The getting ready rooms for both the ladies and gents were A+, the ceremony space was overlooking the water, and behind the venue there was a golf course with beautiful views!

And finally, Whitehall Estate!

Whitehall Manor Wedding

This place is GORGEOUS. It has a really amazing (and large) room for dinner and dancing (with those white ceilings that make it so easy to photograph in), a really charming bridal suite, and some very historic pieces that make it feel so special. There are TONS of spots for outdoor ceremonies to be held and just some stunning views. There are also some amazing trees. Even though I photographed a rainy day wedding there, we had plenty of spots to choose from for photo locations with tree coverage!

Runners up: Birkby House, Virtue Feed & Grain, Woodlawn & Pope-Leighey House, Rixey Manor, and The Drawing Room.

Hope this helps you pick out one venue amongst all the awesome wedding venues in Northern Virginia!

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