An Annapolis Wedding | Deena & Ryan


Deena and I were high school classmates, however, I didn’t really know her all that well. I knew she played soccer, lived in my best friends neighborhood, had sisters… very basic stuff. But I really had no idea how kind and funny she was/is. Ryan and I only met for the first time at our initial wedding meet up! He seemed like a great guy, very nice, good head on his shoulders – you know the type… and since I have found out he knows like a heap-ton of my coworkers and friends! You get to really know people when you photograph them, or at least I do. What I learned about them is that they are a couple who cares for each other so strongly, they support one another in every way, and they keep each other laughing. I just know they will grow wonderfully by each others sides.

I have no idea how to put into words how wonderful Deena and Ryan’s wedding day was. Not only are these two are incredibly kind, but they’re surrounded by incredible families and friends, absolutely hilarious, and they have pretty great dance moves. I consider myself lucky when I get to spend days with people like them.

We started off the day at the Loews Annapolis Hotel – the rooms were buzzing with that anxious/excited/nervous feeling! The gents and my second shooter Natalie got on their way to the church quickly (and went to the playground because what better way to kill time on your wedding day)! Once the ladies were all done up and Deena had her dress on, the bridesmaids and I hopped in the limo to head to St. John’s Parish in Severna Park. The wedding was beautiful! The entire time Deena and Ryan just smiled at one another. Once they were announced as husband and wife, they walked back down the aisle into a crowd of family and friends – everyone was beaming!

The wedding went to Quiet Waters Park to take photographs and then the festivities really began back at the Loews. My favorite part of the day was definitely Deena and Ryan’s entrance into the reception – they had a dance troupe with them who brought so much energy! Everyone was up on their feet dancing, people were banging on a drum, Ryan was getting tossed in the air. There were good vibes all around.

I wish you both so much happiness, and I hope you enjoy how I captured your day!


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Venue: Loews Annapolis Hotel

Invitations: The Dandelion Patch —

Florist & Design: Alexandra Nesterak Events —

Makeup & Hair: Alison Harper and Co. —

Hair Stylist: Inhye Kim —

Limo Services: Bayside Limousines

Videographer: I Do Wedding Video —

Wedding Cake: Sweet Hearts Patisserie —

Music: DJ Tamer Yehia —

Zaffeh Group for Introduction: Faris el Layle


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