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Most days you can find me laughing out loud to something that might not be that funny, watching videos of puppies on the internet, or dancing in my rolly chair to the latest tunes. I am mostly known for my desire to see as much of the world as possible, my sassy sense of humor, my ability to eat avocado on everything and the overly-excited way I say “OMG hiiiiiii” to random dogs in public without acknowledging their owners.

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People often refer to me as the girl that has been all around the world, and while I have been lucky enough to travel a bit, there is still so much left to see! My bucket list is mainly compiled of places I want to go and experiences I want to have around the world. When I’m not photographing or traveling, I can be found rooting for the Washington Capitals, cheering on my Clemson Tigers, enjoying live music, or being your average 20-something hanging with friends.

I photograph couples who are in it for more than just the wedding. It’s always the best when I can feel the love between two people, and while the details of their wedding are important, the fact that they are committing themselves to one another in front of their closest friends and family is what matters most. I am lucky to capture them on this special day and provide them with memories that become their first family photographs.

My photography style is joyful, light-filled, and genuine. I am a goofball and will do anything to bring out those candid smiles, real laughter, and cute moments.



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